How to use Pop-Up Blockers with this website

Pop-Up Blockers are a useful method to eliminate Pop-Ups created by advertisements and other unwelcome web content.  Some Pop-Up blocker software is bundled with legitimate products, such as the Googleİ Toolbar, however some blockers are installed without user knowledge and can interfere with valid Pop-Ups. 

This application uses Pop-Ups and therefore requires Pop-Up blockers to be configured to "Allow Access" to this site.  If you attempt to log in to this program and receive a Pop-Up blocker message, or you cannot enter this program there is a good chance you have Pop-Up blocker software installed.

There are MANY Pop-Up blocker software packages available and these instructions will not cover every version of this software.  These instructions should helpful in resolving some issues regarding other Pop-Up blockers because software of this type has the same general pupose and functionality.  These instructions include information for Microsoft Internet Explorer and do not cover other web browsers, although setting in other browsers may be similar.


Windows XP Service Pack 2

By default Windows XP SP2 installs a Pop-Up Blocker in Internet Explorer.  When a website attempts to create a Pop-Up window Internet Explorer notifies the user with a message similar to the following:

You may allow Pop-Ups for this site by double clicking on the message and selecting "Allow Pop-Ups from this site".

You may also update your web browser manually by selecting the menu : Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy , and modify the settings to allow Pop-Ups for this site.




Googleİ Toolbar

Google Toolbar installs a new toolbar in Internet Explorer.  This toolbar has different functions in the web browser one of which is a Pop-Up Blocker.  When a website attempts to create a Pop-Up window the Google Toolbar displays a message similar to the following:



Click on the "BLOCKED" icon above to change the settings for the Google Toolbar Pop-Up Blocker.